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Tubbs Hiscocks & Co

Alfred Thomas Tubbs

This was a textile manufacturing and wholesale business established in 1863 by Henry Thomas Tubbs' younger brother Alfred Thomas, at 142 Cheapside and was described as a Silk Agent. The original name of the company was Alfred Thomas Tubbs & Co and by 1865 was at 38 Wood Street described as sewing cotton agents.

By 1869 the firm had become Tubbs, Hiscocks & Co and had premises at Milton St/ Fore Street

Fore Street is close to London Wall and no more than a minute's walk from his older brother's premises at Noble Street

Surviving ephemera from the firm includes philatelic overprints and the business is described as textile manufacturers and wholesalers in London The business became incorporated as a limited company in 1907. Tubbs, Hiscocks dealt in yarn, reel cotton, haberdashery, corsets, underclothing, hosiery, shirts, handkerchiefs, belts, lace and furs.

It would seem ikely that Alfred underwent an apprenticeship similar to his brother, but that is not yet known

Also like his brother he lived, at first, close to his business premises, having address at 16 Rothbuy Villas, Islington in 1879 for example. That address no longer shows up