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The Grand Hotel

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Morning Post - Tuesday 26 November 1889

THE LITTLESTONE HOTEL COMPANY (Limited), Littlestone-on-Sea. Kent. Incorporated under the Companies Acts. 1862 to 1886, whereby the liability of each shareholder is limited to the amount of his shares. Capital £20.000, in 20.000 shares of £1 each, with powers to increase •

2s. 6d per share on application:

2s. 6d. per share on allotment-'

2s. 6d. per share on 25th December 1889

2s. 6d. per share on 25th March 1890

The balance, if required in instalments not exceeding 5s. per share, at intervals of not less than three months.. HTT’s City connections are evident in the list of directors.


Robert S. Brock, Esq. (Messrs. Rowley and Brock), Middle-street Aldersgate-street, E.C.

Major H. Byrne. St. .lohn's-park.

N. R. Stafford Charles. Esq.. 4, Morden-road, Blackheath. S E

Leonard Fawell, Esq., 4. St. Paul's-churchyard London. E C

James Rowley, Esq (Messrs. Rowley and Brock), Middle-street Aldersgate-street, E.C

H T Tubbs. Esq (Messrs Tubbs. Lewis, and Co.. and the Manchester Hotel. Aldersgate-street. E.C), 29 and 30. Noble-street .London, E.C '

C. H. Waterlow. Esq. (Messrs. Waterlow and Sons, Limited) 8C London-wall. London, E.C. who will join the Board after allotment.

Bankers— The Alliance Bank (Limited), Bartholomew-lane, London

Solicitors— Messrs. Fowler, Perks, Hopkinson, and Co., 9, Clement’s- lane, Lombard-street, E.C. Auditors— Messrs. Turquand, Youngs, Weise, Bishop, and Clarke 41 Coleman-street, E.C.

Secretary— E. B. Woodford, Esq. Office— 10, Moorgate-street, London, E.C.

This Company is formed for the purpose of acquiring a freehold site, facing the sea. at Littlestone. Kent, and erecting thereon a commodious Marine Hotel, and taking over the freehold Station Hotel and premises, which at present afford the only hotel accommodation on the spot.

Full prospectuses and forms of application for shares can be obtained at the bankers, solicitors, auditors, or at the office of the Company.

I think Major H Byrne is related to Henry Byrne, and therefore of the family. HTT’s brother Alfred had married Eliza Harriet Byrne, daughter of Henry Byrne senior, and that side of the family and their businesses will be covered in a separate page.

Waterlow and Sons Ltd were the illustrious security printers of stamps and banknotes but CH Waterlow is probably not one of the sons of the founder James Waterlow. But this may also be a misreading of SH Waterlow, who was Sydney, first Baron Waterlow, who was a son of James Waterlow the founder of the printing business.

The Solicitor’s partnership includes a Perks, the self-same Robert William Perks, TL's solicitors since at least 1879.

Rowley & Brock Ltd as they were by 1895) were hat manufacturers. Aldersgate Street is the centre of the city business activities of Lewis and Tubbs and several other members of the family had business premises in the immediate vicinity.

Morning Post - Tuesday 03 December 1889

Morning Post - Saturday 26 July 1890

Littlestone-on-Sea. — A large number of visitors journeyed to Littlestone, near Romney, yesterday, to be present at the inaugural dinner of the Littlestone Hotel Company. The hotel is situated on the sea front, in a bay between Dungeness and Hythe, and a short distance from the South-Eastern Railway station of Littlestone and Romney. The building has been erected in the French Renaissance style, and the arrangements for both the public and private rooms are such as to conduce very largely to the comfort and enjoyment of visitors. The surrounding country is most picturesque, and extensive sands form an additional attraction. The hotel is so arranged that, although at present it is complete In itself, it can be extended considerably should occasion demand. (It didn't. ed)

At the 1901 Census the Manageress of the Grand Hotel was Frances Henrietta ?illegible? A married woman but no sign of her husband.

The Littlestone Hotel Company Ltd first went into voluntary liquidation on Martch 18, 1902.

At the 1911 census Albert Edward Roberts, then 38 and his wife Barbara were still at the Grand. Sister in Law Jane Rose was assistant manager. They had been married for 10 years but had no children. There were 7 other servants and seven guests.

The list of applications for shares in the Littlestone Hotel Company will close tomorrow.

The Railway Hotel

The Hotel has been renamed as Captain Howey who was the developer of the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway in the 1920s. The hotel is as mentioned in the prospectus for the Littlestone Hotel Company and must have been been built by Perks, HTT or some similar consortium.

Clough Williams-Ellis

Littlestone is no Port Meireion but the 1920's Romney Bay House Hotel was designed by him as a house for Hedda Hopper, the American gossip columnist. She was an accomplished feudster, pioneer of fake news and supporter of the House Unamerican Activities committee. It remains unlisted, perhaps because its exterior has been modified. I have not yet had a chance to examine it closely.