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There is an update to the 2023 edition. It is now understood that the Finchley Cinservative Association was founded in 1870 by HTT and others, and had premises before the present ones illustrated in this edition. The constituency of Finchley was represented in its own name from 1918

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To learn about Seymour Burnell Tubbs

please go to YouTube and watch my video on his early life and his wartime story

Family history highlights

This website is mainly devoted to members of the Tubbs family descended from Richard Thomas Tubbs (1791-1863) who was born in Chiselhurst, Kent and died in London

In an unpublished memoir one member of the family claims there is a link to the distinguished London violin bow makers but I have not yet substantiated that. James' father William was born in 1814 to Thomas and Susannah (nee Vale) but I can't make the link

Henry Thomas Tubbs (aka HTT) established a textile manufacturing business (later Tubbs Lewis & Co Ltd) with his partner Joseph Lewis in London in 1854, later moving it to Gloucestershire where it remained a family business until sold in 1965

Lewis and Tubbs also developed a substantial property portfolio including Charterhouse Buildings in Clerkenwell and most of the land in Littlestone on Sea, Kent, that is now developed

Henry Thomas Tubbs was a founder owner of the original Finchley Golf Club and also of Littlestone Golf Club

The Finchley Club still uses a variant of the coat of arms used by Henry Thomas Tubbs and his motto "Per Deum et Industriam obtinui" which means What I have I obtained through God and hard work

The textile business was inherited by his son Stanley William Tubbs whose coat of arms is used both by this website and by Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club which is on land donated by him

All Henry Thomas's sons played golf but the most successful player was his grandson Henry Stafford Burnell Tubbs who beat the fancied American player Francis Ouimet in the 1914 Amateur open at Sandwich

HTT's son Percy Burnell Tubbs was an architect both FRIBA and last President of the Society of architects. He also instigated the Professional Classses War Relief Council in 1914 and established the National Guard Station Company on a military basis in 1917

The best known member of the family is Ralph Tubbs who designed the Dome of Discovery for the Festival of Britain in 1951 and the Granada offices in Manchester

Also distinguished in the field of Thoracic and Cardiovascular surgery was Oswald Sydney Tubbs, his brother, but note that Walton in that article is a misprint for Walter.

The third brother Sydney Walter rowed for Cambridge. Both he and his father were partners in Dixon Wilson Tubbs and Gillett - the accountants

HTT's grandson Dougles Burnell Tubbs, invariably known as Bunny published numerous books on topics ranging from Vintage Sports Cars to Lancaster Bombers, Zeiss Ikon cameras and pubs. He also wrote a column in The Motor magazine under the nom de plume of Kingpin

HTT's daughters Louisa and Clara ran a creche in Argyle Square, Euston and helped to establish a Convalescent Home in Littlestone

Her home in Sussex Gardens adjoins the home of the Beatons which carries a blue plaque for Cecil Beaton, the photographer

HTT's son Walter Burnell of Tubbs and Charles Estate Agentswas regarded as a spendthrift but established a high reputation as an owner/trainer of trotting horses and carriage horses

HTT's grandson Cecil won the Military Cross on the Somme during the Great War and was prisoner's friend in a secret and still unpublicised court martial following the sinking of the SS Mendi in 1917

HTT's cousin Norman Henry was Bishop of Rangoon and Dean of Chester

There is a section on the life of Geoffrey Alfred Sutton who was not a member of the family in his lifetime but his sister Irene married Cecil Burnell Tubbs. An almost complete archive of his correspondence and some ephemera survive

Most of the articles here have first appeared in The Tubbs a newsletter intended primarily for close members of the family but some back numbers are available on this site

Some textile businesses associated with the family have been

Tubbs Lewis and Co Ltd

Sandow Ltd

The Nottingham Braid Company Ltd

Heritage Trimmings Ltd

A Sindall Ltd

Tubbs Elastics

George Pettit

Tubbs Hiscocks & Co