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Oh calamity! There is an error in the published clue to 28 across

A better clue might be "Amazing or wounds wounded (8)"

There is some duplicated text in the article entitle Afterwords in some printed editions. This is corrected in the online edition

The Weavers Hall was demolished around 1856, long before the Blitz. The site was redeveloped and the Weavers name attached to the new property on Basinghall Street. The later property was destroyed in the Blitz

In his lifetime Spoonerisms were more often mistaken attributions than transposed initial letters. I have referred to Irving Sandow for some reason but he was known as Eugen or Eugene Sandow. None of those was part of his name at the time of his birth, when he was Friedrich Wilhelm Müller

There is one almighty schoolboy howler on page 6 of the 2012 edition which may now be downloaded from the backnumbers page. plebs is a mass noun but it is Latin not Greek. Take a detention Tubbs!

The Tubbs 2017 - Supplement

Charles Cundall. There is a downloadable catalogue of Cundall's works which dates London River to his studio in 1949. I have been in contact with Paul Liss of the gallery which has published this and learn that Cundall's daughter Jean Setter is alive and remembers her father being a regular early doors visitor to the Chelsea Arts Club and recalls the Tubbs name. This ties in with Gray, Grahame Tubbs also being an early doors regular. It must have been a very convivial and rather distinguished watering hole

The Tubbs 2016 - Supplement

Supplement to story Festival of Britain

Click to view interior of Dome of Discovery

The internal features of Ralph Tubbs' 1951 Dome of Discovery reflect the structure of the Skylon. This rather abstract composition by Leslie Goulding clearly shows two axial-flow gas turbines which are mentioned in the souvenir guide of the festival site on the South Bank.How he managed to photograph a nearly empty dome is unexplained.

Click to view Exterior of Festival of Britain Site

A view from the South Bank Festival of Britain site looking towards Waterloo Station


The story of Geoffrey Alfred Sutton now has its own section on this site